It started in the early 70s when Volvo Penta needed a new kind of boat to suit their newly developed engine. An innovative group of people quickly seized the opportunity to create a new kind of boat for the social lifestyle. The Nimbus 26 was born and along with it a company that would become of one of Europe ́s most renowned boat manufacturers.

The company ́s history is a true success story, a tale of innovation, perfect timing and survival. But most of all a story about people who know about boats and their passion and love for boating. A story still being told. Based on their heritage from North Sea conditions, Nimbus continue to develop boats into the 21st century. Seaworthiness, practicality and environmentally friendly are their lead words. Nimbus build all the boats in Sweden, at their boat yard in Mariestad. Their brands include Nimbus Boats and Paragon Yachts. Nimbus Boat’s head office, with its permanent exhibition and full service marina is located at the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Harbor in Gothenburg, Sweden, on the edge of the North Sea.

Nimbus Boats is Scandinavia ́s leading manufacturer of leisure boats. Nimbus is one of the foremost boat builders in Europe, synonymous with well-built, high quality boats



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