About us

35 years
5 companies
1000 boats sold
_____A fresh approach to yachting
Riginos Yachts specializes in all luxury yachting activities in Greece, such as sale and purchase, chartering, marketing and management of the finest yachts in the world. With more than 30 years of expertise in several segments of the yachting industry, we understand the difficulty level of purchasing the right yacht that best suits your needs or finding the right buyer for your yacht or choose the ideal chartered yacht for your vacation.This knowledge gave us the comparative advantage in the yachting industry. Our goal is to provide you with all the information needed in order to take the right decision. Riginos Yachts is the core business of Riginos group and our signature brand. Over the past few years, we brought complementary fields of expertise into play in order to offer to our customer a holistic approach of luxury.
_____Meet our other brands
White Sails is the sister company of Riginos Yachts. Seeing a turn in the sailing charter market towards catamarans, we ventured in this sailing yacht charter industry by founding White Sails. A department dedicated to catamaran charter management which comprises of 12 brand new boats and three fleet bases in Greece. Onda Ribs is our newest possession that we are very proud of. A the highly respected and stunning custom built rigid inflatable boats of Onda Ribs. Characterized by one of the most capable hulls that ever cruised the Aegean Sea, it became the major craft supplier to the Greek Authorities including but not limited to the Coast Guard, Army, Navy and Air Force. Mr Villas is part of Riginos Group for the last 4 years and established by a team sharing the love for travelling in Greece and passion for exquisite quality and service. Dedicated to luxury villa rentals in Greece, we have a very big portfolio with luxury villas ready to take your travel experiences to the next level.
_____Our values
Don’t compromise. Always looking for the best. Best quality. Best services. Best of us. 
Create interaction with our clients. Support them throughout their buying or chartering process by offering our 30+ years of technical expertise and industry relationships.
Aim for a personalized, highly professional experience. Offer tailored services for each one of our customers.
Create a trusted relationship with our suppliers in order to provide you with everything you have wished for.
Endorse a culture of expertise, professionalism, respect and passion for what we do among out team-members.
Our team is available 24/7 to help you with any technical matter that may come up.
Deliver our promises in the most appropriate and rewarding ways for our clients.